Dakini Power Temple Workshop – “Goddess Embodiment for Ultimate Attraction”


“Learning to embrace the nearly forgotten wild feminine archetype of the Dakini”

Dakini Power Temple Workshop was created to help you to transform yourself into a powerful Goddess so you can harness your divine feminine energy for creating more abundance and manifestations in your life.

Do you often feel insecure about yourself, trouble attracting the right partner or feeling blocked energetically to attract the kind of life you want to create? If so then this mini retreat/workshop is totally for you!

During this workshop you will be…

  • Releasing and letting go of the old belief systems, energy blockages and being stuck at your false self image that’s holding you back from being an unapologetically sexy and badass Goddess.
  • Learning how to honor yourself and value your feminine nature in all of its truest forms.
  • Discovering the ways to tap into and embody shakti energy so you will boost confidence and begin to accept and embrace who you are.
  • Reminding about the importance of gratitude practice to keep reaffirming the magic that you continue to manifest through these practices.
  • Understanding how to totally immerse yourself into a present moment so you can be in your full power consistently.
  • Balancing out all your energy centers you will start to resonate in harmonious vibrational frequencies which will help you to be more in-tune with the nature resulting in feeling more at peace, bring more abundance and harmony into your life.
  • Exploring how to use bliss and pleasure as medicine to unblock and heal yourself to unlock your full potential and expand your consciousness.
  • Become an attraction magnet and bringing more positive outcomes into your life. “Be attractive and enjoy what you attract!!”

This is a half a day (4 hours) workshop consisting of  group healing sessions, learning and playtime to activate and strengthen your Goddess Power. Learn how to fully embody Shakti- Divine Feminine Energy to awaken your full potential in creating more abundance, bliss, happiness in your life and feeling of  wholeness and empowerment.

  • Sacred Space Opening Ritual & Ceremony
  • Shakti Goddess Workshop
  • Earth & Spirit Connection Guided Meditation
  • Reiki Healing Attunement
  • Tantra – Bliss as a path to enlightenment coaching
  • Guided Tantric Meditation & Breathwork
  • Buti Yoga
  • Human Energy System
  • Chakra Balancing Sound Healing and Journeying


Workshops facilitated by Nicole Lienemann and Naseem Murakami. Stay tuned for the next class dates. For any other inquiries please contact by e-mail DakiniPowerTemple@gmail.com



Published by AsiRiana Rasa

I am an Artist, Producer, Healer and Holistic Health & Life Coach. I am very passionate about sharing conscious lifestyle and health message to raise our vibrations, improving our health, beauty, mind and to heal our planet.

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