Healing Sound Alchemy Presents Ascension Sound Bath

This is our signature Reiki infused sound bath that’s designed to release old fear-based templates and ushering the light activation of your DNA, aligning you to resonate into a higher dimensional New Earth frequency.

You will first be transported into a shamanic experience by the nature and animal sound medicine for deep grounding and purging through the ancient sound of drums, rattles and didgeridoo opening up the gateway to re-calibrate your mind, body, and soul for cellular level healing. You will then be guided into the remembrance of the deep connection with mother Gaia by the sound of tribal chants and overtone singing. You will then be immersed into a colorful, multi layered sound of quartz crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, 432 hz tuned synthesizers followed by celestial operatic infused vocals taking you up on a journey through the vast heavens creating a heightened sense of deep love and be elevated into the holographic clarity.

The vibration of sound medicine is felt throughout your DNA, bypassing any thoughts and penetrate deep into your body. Consequently resetting the parameters of your body’s energy meridians from any distortion that’s present in the body and helps balances out your chakra system. You will be left in a deep state of relaxation, rejuvenation, feeling cleansed, nurtured and empowered by this sound bath journey.

We suggest that you bring your pillows and blankets for your comfort during this sound bath experience.

***About Healing Sound Alchemy***
Healing Sound Alchemy was founded by an award winning artist/actress/producer Andrea Sáenz and accomplished artist/musician turned healer Naseem Murakami. We produces high vibrational music, sound bath events and concerts. We also lead The Elixir of Life retreats to various exotic destinations worldwide. Our Mission is to create invigorating experiences through the power of sound, energy transmissions and other alchemical integrations to raise our vibrations and create a catalyst for paramount transformation and healing.

Please visit our website to learn more about Healing Sound Alchemy.


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Published by AsiRiana Rasa

I am an Artist, Producer, Healer and Holistic Health & Life Coach. I am very passionate about sharing conscious lifestyle and health message to raise our vibrations, improving our health, beauty, mind and to heal our planet.

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