Sacred Space – Crystal Grid Meditation & Reiki Healing Circle

Experience the wonderful gift of Reiki to remove your energy blocks, heal and attract more positive things into your life!!

Join us for this intimate weekly Reiki Healing Circle with 432hz sound healing meditation and crystal grid ceremony taking place at the Sanctuary Wellness Center & Yoga Studio in Tustin, CA.

We will gather around the crystal grid as we create the sacred space together. You will be guided how to properly journey into a deep meditative state with the gifting of mini Reiki. If you never experienced Reiki before, this is a great way to experience it in a safe and supportive environment.

Bring your own cushion or meditation pillow for your comfort. You are also welcome to bring your own crystals to place around the grid to get charged up.

Please call or book online to pre-register 714-617-4593

$15 pre-register or $20 at the door

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient healing technique that was re-discovered by a Japanese Monk, Mikao Usui, Reiki means “Universal-Life-Force” in Japanese. Reiki works on the mind, body, and spirit by tapping into the universal energy to connect with people’s own healing ability, Reiki can clear the emotional and physical blockages, which leads to healing of illnesses and disease. Regular contact with Reiki can bring people into total balance and harmony, and it can also prevent them from future illnesses and disease. Reiki also brings protection and personal transformation on many levels. People also use Reiki for weight loss, attracting and manifesting desired relationships, finances, and other personal goals as it clears out negative patterns of thoughts which prevents from a person’s mental breakthroughs and self transformations that attracts more positive energies and outcomes in life. For more detailed description about Reiki, please visit


Published by AsiRiana Rasa

I am an Artist, Producer, Healer and Holistic Health & Life Coach. I am very passionate about sharing conscious lifestyle and health message to raise our vibrations, improving our health, beauty, mind and to heal our planet.

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