Marina Social Mixer & Sound Journey

Marina Social Mixer & Sound Journey

Hosted by Amaya + Healing Sound Alchemy
Join us for an eclectic social gathering overlooking the beautiful pacific ocean right on the marina’s edge. We’ll begin our evening with an inspirational talk by Amaya and continue with an immersion into the Alchemist’s Sound Lab experience brought to you by Andrea Sáenz and Naseem Murakami of the Healing Sound Alchemy featuring uplifting live music, an invigorating DJ set followed by a ki-activating light breathwork, movement exercises and a sound bath experience.

Featured Speaker: Amaya

Enter the multidimensional consciousness of the Maya and how they used the life/death/rebirth process to ascend planet Earth.

Sound Healing & Music Performances: Healing Sound Alchemy

Take a journey into the healing sound vibrations to release the old, let go, wind down, and awake into a renewed self, grounded in deep relaxation, peace, gratitude, and love.

*Raffle tickets, food & drinks available on purchase.

**Ambassador Tickets will include complimentary 2 drinks, food, and 3 raffle tickets!

A portion of the income raised from this event will be donated to

To learn more about who we support:

“Supporting survivors of domestic violence and human trafficked women developing their small businesses and leadership skills for their long term economic strength.”

Shyne San Diego

For tickets please visit this link

Published by AsiRiana Rasa

I am an Artist, Producer, Healer and Holistic Health & Life Coach. I am very passionate about sharing conscious lifestyle and health message to raise our vibrations, improving our health, beauty, mind and to heal our planet.

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