I’m an Artist/Light Worker based in Los Angeles California who’s mission is to dedicate my gifts and talents to uplift and raise the vibrations of the people.

As a Mind – Body – Soul Alchemist, I use various holistic methods for personal transformation such as sound, nutrition, energy healing, bodywork and Intuitive Life Coaching.

My Story…

Born and raised in Japan as a multi-racial (Asian, Middle Eastern, Spanish, African and European), I’ve experienced childhood trauma, an identity crisis to being targeted for bullying in Schools, growing up was a constant battle for survival on top of being in a disfunctional family. After a life long depression, many suicidal attempts since 9 years old, I ran away from my home at age 18, then I jumped into a marriage so quickly at a young age in order to escape from my miserable life. Turned out that this marriage was like admitting myself into a prison camp which resulted me to endure 7 years of abusive relationship ended up being in the emergency room.

My life took a huge turning point after going through two near death experiences which later gave me a clear vision for my path and my life purpose. Music has been the biggest comfort and medicine that kept me alive.

Being a musician also helped me to connect the dots about the mystery of the Universe that everything is energy and how our thoughts have the power to attract something and to create.

Without experiencing these hardships and dark times, I could have not been the empath and a healer that I am today.

As an artist I’ve witnessed it all from getting offered a record deal to rejection after rejection, someone turning my song idea into a huge hit being performed and recorded by a major artists so I try to expose it and got booed off stage receiving tremendeous humiliation in front of hundreds of people, getting signed only to get shelved and stuck on  a contract etc… seriously these crazy stories can be an entertaining movie one day!

So here I am still doing my thing. Making music but with much bigger purpose and a mission, producing events, workshops, media content ’til I die! Well, in reality we will never die but you know what I mean.







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