Intuitive Life Coaching


My mission as an intuitive life coach is to help people become aware of their higher purpose, guide you to have the ability to create and manifesting more enriching experiences into your lives. I work on three parts, mind, body and soul (spirit) because all three must work hand in hand to have the most equilibrium of balance and harmony to realize being the whole-ness of self and to experience breakthroughs and transformation.

We are designed as magnificent being who have the ability to heal ourselves and to shape our reality. My coaching and healing work is not based on religion and I welcome people of all faith. Only you have to be open minded to the information I share and ready to receive the guidance as well as to take action for change.

Whether it is to heal physical ailment, weight-loss, getting out of stuckness in your life, to accomplish your personal goals and removing any types of mental blocks, my job is to direct you to look deep within, and to find solutions and resources to move forward into the right direction.

My definition of coaching is not about me ever telling you what to do but rather guiding you to become the person who can work through all types of challenges and problems of life yet minimizing them significantly for the future and create more happiness and abundance flowing into your life.

I work with a technique called NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which will help  releasing old programming and replace with benefitial thoughts for creating positive outcomes. This method which is known to help with trauma, phobia, addictions, negative thought patterns and behavioral change. It is a scientific method by working with both hemisphere of our brain. I combine this technique with spiritual/Intuitive guidance and healing where some issues are associated with karma and deeply connected with past life and energy entanglement where science alone cannot resolve.

This is not an entertainment purposed psychic predictions to answer your question such as who and when you will marry, ways to win a lottery, how many kids you’ll have and if you should break up with someone or not. This is a step to take serious commitment for yourself creating better life that is within your highest interests to be in the perfect alignment with your soul.

60 min session via Skype or phone

Rate: $120 a session

To book a session simply contact me by e-mail or for a faster response please call or text  +1 (424) 291-2236 (From international use country code 00+1)


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