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Singing Lessons by a professional singer with an extensive background in music industry who’s worked with Grammy Awarded established record producers, major record labels and  world-class recording studios. 

I’m currently opening up my time to teach for limited students.  As much as I like to help more people, my time only allows to teach part-time due to my other businesses, projects and commitments. However, I’d love to share my experiences and my gifts to help up and coming new singers who are extremely serious about developing their singing  career.

I have been a professional contemporary singer for over 20 years.

Early in my career I have worked with many accomplished major record producers, experienced as a full-time singer and a performer,  professional studio session singer and also a recording artist who shared a stage with top charted Jazz artist. I am also experienced as a recording producer/engineer for over 10 years specializes in vocal production.

I’ve initially trained in Bel Canto Italian opera singing technique to having the privileged to study the world-famous Speech Level Singing methods taught by a legendary  instructor Seth Riggs who’s known for coaching many Grammy winning artists.

I’ve studied vocal recording technology from Berkelee College of Music as well as worked in world-class studio with Grammy awarded top producers and engineers.

Last job I took before I retired as a studio session singer was for doing demo project for Christina Aguilera and FloRida for Atlantic Records.

I started as a shy small voiced weak singer totally sucked at singing to being recognized and getting paid as a pro vocalist working for Top Major Record label, A&R and international producers. If you believe singing is your true calling and your passion, prepare to be rejected a plenty but you will definitely need a great coach and I believe I can also be a mentor and a guide if you get to work with me. 🙂

Learn to sing  soulfuly, dynamic and expressive for all contemporary style music from pop, blues, gospel to Jazz whether you are developing yourself as a theatrical singer or recording and performing artist.

I can help you with,

  • Developing your personal singing style and your unique vocal sound
  • Singing properly without damaging your vocal cords
  • Projecting your voice better
  • Maintain singing in tune and sing in perfecting pitch
  • Learn to harmonize
  • Learn to do ad-lib and freestyle
  • Increasing vocal range
  • Prepare you for a showcase and auditions
  • Prepare you for a recording project
  • Master singing a particular piece of song
  • Improve diction
  • Learn about vocal toning (Know how to add colors and do the “blend”)
  • Sing smoothly throughout the scale
  • Learn about timing, syncopation and variety of rhythmic styles


Online session is $65 (45 min) 

In person session is $75 (45 min)

Package Sessions   ***Recommended***

4 x online session bundle for $220 (save $40)

4 x in person session bundle $260 (Save $40)

10 x online session bundle for $600 (Save $50)

10 x in person session bundle for $700 (save $50)

Career consultation is also available. (How to start a singing career, how to cut a demo, develop your promotional package and market yourself as a singer, feedback etc…)

Please inquire about the coaching, consultation and all questions related to singing lessons via e-mail :

My session is generally offered online however, I can also travel to your home within OC (Restrictions may apply please contact for details.)


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