Nutritional Coaching

Not only does nutrition play a big role in our physical well-being, the food we eat and its contents can also project into our body’s energetic fields.

Does the phrase “We are what we eat” resonate with you?
Once we tap into the consciousness of all things, we see that everything and all matter is made up of various frequencies of energy. In the same way, food has its own energy frequency. According to basic-science, as well as common sense, it becomes easy to determine whether the choice of food we consume will help us vibrate on a higher frequency or keep us in lower vibrations. The higher, the more beneficial to us, and the lower, the more we will attract more sickness and diseases.

Today, majority of foods sold at stores and the meals we eat out at restaurants are mostly processed foods, and it can be overwhelming to find out the real nutritional value of what we consume each day. and if we truly are doing an adequate job with getting all the nutrients we need to keep us in good health; in most cases we are not.

As a certified plant-based nutritional coach, I’d like to make the process as simple as possible and also to make it a fun and delicious journey for you to help you transition into a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Most people fail miserably on a typical weight loss diet because the concept of keeping up with the diet itself seems extremely restricting, let alone very hard to keep up with while there are so many temptations around us all.

Whether you are looking to detox for short term, raise your energetic vibrations, lose weight, improve your overall health, learning natural or holistic remedies to heal your self with healthy foods, or specifically working with a coach who can cut out all the unnecessary trials and errors, eliminate confusions for you; if you  are looking to get the fastest result; I am the person for you.

I work with and advocate plant-based diet, not only for the ethical and health reasons, but also for our body and for the environment. There is now an undeniable truth that unfortunately all animal products fall into acidic and negative charges. These dense and lower vibrational foods are the breeding ground for parasites and hosts many illnesses. If a plant-based diet seems extreme, then think again, for how much worse most medical procedures and surgeries are that are not only evasive, but involve high risks. I can guide you on how you can minimize and cut down on animal products and comfortably make a shift into healthier whole food plant-based diet, at your own pace; a pace that works for you.

Please contact if you are interested in personalized nutrition coaching.

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