Sacred Sound Journey

Check out some of the previews from my past virtual FB live sound journey here. These sound journey usually last anywhere from an hour to 1.5 hrs long and never being rehearsed but rather being delivered intuitively and spontanously performed live connecting to the collective ( Cosmic Intelligence & Earth bound ancestral lineage beings) I call it •*AsiRiuNa*•.RaSa and trasmitting Light Language for activation assisting people with their healing, transformation and Ascension. I incorporate various nature sounds and play both sound healing instruments and electronic sounds that are tuned to specific frequencies such as 432hz, 528hz, solfeggio frequencies with brainwave entrainment promoting positive shifts on a subconscious level.

Sacred Sound Journey FaceBook Live Stream12/30/2020

Check out this preview from Facebook Live Stream performance.

AsiRiuna RaSa Sacred Sound Journey 4/22/2020

A little preview from my second Facebook livestream sound medicine journey. Unrehearsed intuitive live performance featuring 432hz synth, light language transmissions and much more where I take you into a deep healing and activation through sound and voice.

Sacred Sound Medicine Journey preview from 4/05/2020

Some of the highlights from my first ever FB Livestream performance sharing music medicine unrehearsed and spontaneous pure transmissions co-creating in the flow. I started to co-create Sacred Sound Medicine Journey for whoever will listen to heal, connect to mother nature through sounds and visuals to activate their light code and get ready to embody the higher dimensionality and assisting with the ascension into 5D New Earth.

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